Logic in logistics - we have proved that it can be done better!

The world of transport is a dynamic one, in which sufficient expertise, a reliable network and knowledge of the market can easily make all the difference in the efficeincy and logical approach to your business operations. Our many years of experience have made us an independent Partner in Transport for numerous businesses enterprises. We map out the logistics process, find the most suitable routes and carriers, take care of the freight documents and coordinate the entire transport from start to finish and are always interested innovations that lead to cost-cutting measures!
  • Our sphere of activity is Europe
  • Pre-approved carriers in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Warehousing in the Netherlands (a minimum of 1400 pallets applies)
  • Freight consolidation, both temperature-controlled and not
  • Custom transport: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Would you like your logistics processes to be more logical?
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We may not have our own fleet of trucks, but we certainly hold the reins!

Logistics is much more than transport alone. We provide custom work, starting with the critical eye we cast on the our customers' logistics process, stock management, requirements and whatever conditions are imposed on these. Engaging several different carriers helps us to reduce the number of movements and, as a result, cut back on transport costs.
Every load is outsourced as efficiently as possible.
  • Temperature-controlled and non temperature-controlled transport
  • Logical logistics for every product and every load
  • If necessary, multiple carriers can be assigned to cover the route as efficiently as possible
  • Custom logistics = cost reductions
  • Multiple savings can be achieved following a logistics reset
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We also uphold the principles of Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship. Fortunately, SRE encompasses far more than monitoring your CO2 emissions and fuel consumption: there are many other aspects involved, such as maintaining a healthy balance between your personal and professional life, promoting the well-being of your employees through compliance with OH&S standards, creating a workable schedule for your drivers and offering your staff access to sports facilities during working hours to boost their vitality. We want to enter into the dialogue on these points with our customers and carriers, offer them options and treat them as our full-fledged partners. Our expertise, advice and execution are always examined in light of the three 'P's as a preliminary step. It's up to you to decide which aspects you would like to adopt.
    • We train our own staff in SRE
    • We maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life
    • We sponsor SRE-related activities
    • We actively look out for improvements and innovations
    • We inform end advise carriers on soot filters, tyre pressure, clean fuels, etc.
    • Less distance covered by optimising route planning
    • Open communication about traffic safety and noise disturbance
    • The implementation of and monitoring of a step-by-step sustainability plan
    • An efficient flow of goods, leading to fuel, emission and cost reduction
    • The temporary storage of goods

Our efforts are a determining factor in creating a sustainable future. After all, if we set a good example this will invite others to do likewise!

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Organisation and approach

Our staff is on call for our customers and carriers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each member of our staff is an expert in his or her own field. Although our specific tasks are distributed accordingly, we are always able to fill in for one another if necessary.
Allow us to introduce ourselves:

  • Michel:
    • University of Applied Business Economics
    • 38 years of experience, on and around the road
    • Years of experience augmented by an acute sense of curiosity
    • Primary point of contact for customers and carriers
    • Comes up with solid improvements and keeps a vigilant eye on the execution
  • Claudia:
    • Telephone contact for customers and carriers
    • Draws up all written agreements
    • Coordinates the execution of the agreements made
    • Results-driven, but customer-oriented
  • Henri√ętte:
    • Acts as a sounding board for the other staff members
    • Is an opinionated outsider who offers a keen analytical contribution
    • Knows all the ins and outs of business operations
  • Hans:
    • Charged with all administrative duties
    • He books the invoices and makes the payments.
    • His email address is facturen@easytransport.nl